Everything Expresses Brand
You know the expression. “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it’s probably a _____!” If how your company looks, walks and sounds is in discord or out of sink, how will customers of have a right idea of who or what you are? Indeed, how will you and your employees know?
Once you know who you are and vow to build your systems and practices around that and effectively communicate that to others, you have healed yourself from corporate schizophrenia. Then you are on your way to increased sales and customer loyalty.
Russell Brands walks you through this process of discovery or renewal and teaches you how to manage your brand into the future. Connecting Businesses To Their                        Passion and Purpose President, David G. Russell
Branding Consulting firm
Founded in 2000
Clients are small to large                          companies, including GM and Ruby Tuesday

Develops both internal and external brand

Works with clients and       agencies in developing creative concepts

Polices the brand promise at   all levels 

Helps develop the best media plan for the brand

Helps define logical brand extensions