Some philosophy on branding...
Your business has been a personal journey. As you set your course and cast off, there was promise of adventure and treasure. But the winds and the sea have been unpredictable. There have been great days of steady progress, days of storm and peril, and days of unbearable stillness. Some days you have longed for home’s return. The promise of adventure has been elusive. Treasure has not equalled the cost of finding it.
Is it possible that adventure and treasure are not the real rewards of the journey? Could it be that they are what we experience and gather on the way to our destination?
Why is it that by age 35 so many people hate what they do for a living? Why do they so look forward to the day when they come about and head home? It may be that they simply don’t know where they’re going or why.
We must understand our need to be devoted to an enterprise larger than ourselves. That’s why we are drawn to epic novels and movies and find such importance in gridiron struggles. We know the stakes: if Frodo doesn’t begin his journey and get the ring to Mordor,  all will be lost. 
Epic stories are written in the annals of business every day. They are written by leaders who have dared to look at their businesses as organizations that help make the world a better place through what they build, people they serve, problems they solve, people they heal and things they design. 
Our businesses are the vessels that carry us to reward and relevance. We muster the forces, raise the capital, chart the course and cast off to that place that holds our passions, whether we’re at the helm of big business or local bakery. 
The wind in our sails is your  Brand Born in Passion™.
A Brand Born in Passion™ The Snap of the Sail
Dead calm. Still. Quiet. Imperceptibly. Movement. A ripple. The to and fro dance of the boom. The sudden POOF! of the mainsail. The forward lurch. Leaning. Leaning more. Rail under the water. Rushing water. The bow rising and falling. Spray in the face. Life. Running with the wind. An invisible force. Harnessed energy. Exhilaration. Passion personified. The Breath of Heaven in a sheet.